Meet Team Tullochs

Our team are made up of academic experts, obsessive researchers, industry stalwarts, customer service stars and adminstration angels. We have a enthusiasts, scholars and collectors of everything from classic cars, antique firearms, militaria, coins, crystals, Fine art, colonial furniture, classic motorcycles, Mid-century furniture, historical ephemera, jewellery, art deco, Victoriana, Tasmanian pottery, archeology, historical architecture, petronalia and all things car related including mascots and badges, bottles, antique bicycles, sewing machines, vinatge dolls, bears and toys, wine as well as modern cars and motorcycles and more. Most importantly, we at Tullochs know the importance of staying curious and in touch with the markets, as an auction house that relies on the knowledge of one or two people and is limited to relying on their own back catalogue of sales is one that is out of touch and failing it’s customers. Constant learning is key to staying relevant in the dynamic global auction market of the current times.

Our team:

J.J Reid: director;

J.J has always had an eye for collecting from a very young age in New Zealand (where his Uncle is the undisputed King of Second hand goods on the North Island!).  He was digging for antique bottles and collecting car badges and sewing machines before he reached the ripe old age of 10! Aged 12 he bought a bulk lot of vintage bicycle parts, starting his first foray into the world of auctions and entrepreneurship, restoring the bicycles and selling them for great profit at auction. Aged 17 he imported a Pontiac Transam into Australia and his love of and knowledge of all things automotive has expanded from there, having owned over 700 vehicles (so far), starting and running a boutique older sports car hire business and one of Australia’s best stocked Porsche dismantlers which specialised in 986 and 996 Boxsters and 911s. On a personal level he loves collecting bottles, Louis Wain Cats, transferwear and car badges with some of the best collections in the country. JJ has a passion for improving the auction experience and keeping up with the dynamic and rapidly evolving market, bringing specialist classic car auctions to Tasmania, increasing auction frequency and anticpating market shifts with various seasonal promotions. People and community are very dear to JJ’s heart and since acquiring Tullochs he has been responsible for charity fundraising initiatives to raise funds for the National Trust of Australa, local schools, domestic violence shelters, children’s charities and more to date.

Jessie Reid: director and auctioneer;

Jessie is a qualified licensed auctioneer who grew up surrounded by art and vintage who always buys second hand where possible. She has a background in entrepreneurship, acting and writing and has been listed amongst the top 100 bloggers by Kidspot magazine, as well as writing for various online publications. Driven and creative she has been responsible for the online presence of several businesses including those she started and ran with JJ Reid, this has resulted in an excellent understanding of social media, promotions and a fairly comprehensive knowledge of Porsches! As a long time small business owner who buys at auctions all over the place, she has developed a unique understanding of the importance of an online presence, websites, social media and backend processes which is sorely lacking in many auction houses. Focused on making the whole process of buying and selling at auction easier, more streamlined and enjoyable for everyone she also has a very good knowledge of ceramics, glassware, Art Deco and kitchenalia amongst many other obscure objects. An energetic entrepeneur, she has qualifications in broadcasting, telecommunications, land management and business and is loving bringing this energy and vision to life with innovations at Tullochs.

Nadia Caccioppola-Admiral of the fleet and manager.

Nadia is the Italian-Australian backbone of the Tullochs Team. Nadia has extensive management and customer service experience, she loves to find a treasure and has an extremely well honed eye when it comes to vintage and collectables. Nadia is a keen collector herself and loves nothing more than relaxing in the evening with a newly aquired seventies funk LP (preferably found at a bargain price! of course), except maybe the arrival of a high powered V8 or motorbike at Tullochs (she’s our go to girl on modern bikes as she is an absolute gun when it comes to anything with two wheels and a motor!). Her favourite show is Bargain Hunt and she is still salty about not being chosen for the Australian version of the show… Italians have long memories you know. Ask her about her collection of vintage weapons!

Chris Flood-Senior Consultant Appraiser and Artistic Soul.

Chris has been a collector of antiques, collectables & art for 30 years. He specialises in odd & unusual items, some of which would alarm the more timid folk amongst us. He is also an exhibited artist with many accolades for his art, a finalist in the Bay of Fires Art Prize and had his work commissioned for several high profile projects. Chris is highly qualifed, holding a BCA Hons. Dip Art & Design. Dip and a Business Management. Dip Business Development & Marketing, but his vast knowledge across antiques and collectables of all types and his eye for detail is what shines in his role at Tullochs.

Samuel Diprose-Adams-Wing Commander of Tullochs Automotive, Appraiser of many things and Cataloguer. 

Samuel is somewhat of a rennaisance man. He has been buying and selling antiques and collectables for over a decade. His passion is early 20th century antiques and collectables, and all things mechanical. Like many of the staff at Tullochs, Samuel has a keen interest in vintage cars. He has owned several Morris Minors, and is currently restoring a 1949 Humber Super Snipe MkII. His favourite car is a tie between a 1938 Packard Eight, and a 1938 Oldsmobile F38. He collects in a wide range of fields from English silver to militaria. Outside of antiques and collectables Samuel is a keen rock-climber and researcher. He completed a combined Bachelors of Business and Law, alongside a Bachelors of Philosophy at the University of Tasmania and has been admitted to practice law in Tasmania. He is currently undertaking further study in his field of firearms law and policy, a subject on which he is already recognised as a leading authority. He can also serve as a fireman for steam engines and has the largest collection of Harris Tweed and Fair Isle sweaters owned by anyone under 30 in Tasmania, (pending official confirmation).

Simone Johns-Social creative, Meme Sharer extraordinaire and All-rounder Angel.

Simone has a Bachelor of Education and a keen interest in STEM as a result of her studies, she is inherently curious and enjoys research and upgrading her knowledge base constantly, as soon as something she hasn’t seen before comes into Tullochs, Simone sets about finding out all about it from staff, databases and anywhere she can. Her tendency towards all things nerdly (don’t get her started on Dr Who!) has given her social media superpowers and her ability to hunt out amusing memes about art and antiques is unsurpassable. Her research and attention to detail are a great asset to the cataloguing out the back and she loves problem solving (three vibrant small children help nurture this skill!)  and helping customers when she isn’t teasing Samuel about his bowtie collection.

Sammy Rumbel, Adminstration and All-rounder Angel.

Sammy is studying a Bachelor of Nursing as well as working at Tullochs, her attention to detail brings the adminstration of the auctions to life and she does it all with a big smile. When she isn’t whipping up documents and emails whilst working reception she can be found appraising goods using her interest in antiques and collectables which was nurtured by her Pop from an early age, photographing them, moving cars and hauling all manner of items about much to the astonishment of people who underestimate her strength. Sammy’s three boisterous boys have placed her in good stead for dealing with the Tullochs Team and problem solving!

Benn Chopping-Consultant, Hobart Agency

With six generations of Tasmanians in a family that's synonymous with motor racing in the state and a wealth of experience in real estate and insurance, it was obvious to have Benn as Tulloch's main Hobart consultant. Benn has a creative flair for decorating and loves nothing more than a sudden switch from Edwardian furnishings to Mid Century decor, what ever fits best with the current indoor plants! Found listening to Edith Piaf on a vintage record player as often as they are found seeking out a completely unsuitable Italian car for Sunday drives Benn's passion for everything from high powered cars to Tasmanian pottery (Benn's toothbrush is kept in a John Campbell's vase!) is an asset to Tullochs. Benn can be found appraising estates and touching base with customers in the Southern End of the state and makes cameo appearances as "one of the girls at reception" at the Launceston Emporium. 

Offsite Consultants:

Although you won’t see them moving furniture in the showroom we have a number of offsite experts including, but not limited to;

Kaye Pickett:Expert in Antiques, art, collectables, jewellery

Valuer extraordinaire and reigning monarch of antiques, collectables and all things valuable in Tasmania, Kaye has been an auctioneer, antiques dealer for many years as well as appearing on the radio regularly to talk antiques. Kaye organises the famous Woolmers Antique fair for many and is on the board for the World Heritage listed convict site Woolmers Estate.  What Kaye doesn’t know about antiques and collectables isn’t worth knowing!

Gordon Brown: Expert in antiques, especially Georgian and Victorian with an emphasis on furniture.

Gordon Brown lives and breathes antiques starting his lifelong obsession aged 19. He is a Tasmanian institution and you would have seen him on ABC TV, on Collectors where he was the resident expert on Georgian and Victorian antiques as well as on Auction Rooms with William McInnes, or even in his well known antique shop!